-traveller yogi-

We are here because we believe in the transformative power of yoga and travel to strengthen bodies and minds, but also to open hearts, teach, soften cultural differences and form incredible friendships and unforgettable memories.
No matter where we go we’ll help you reach that elusive mind-body-passport connection.



Traveling is important for self-discovery and self-realization. One must travel to find oneself or move on from bad memories etc. It’s a choice for all of us to be wanderers or to stay in a concrete jungle. Sometimes you need a friend to help and guide you in exploring places and create adventures of a lifetime. Traveler Yogi is that friend who will guide you towards the extreme joy of exploring new places and help you in your spiritual journey through yoga practice.

We are here to guide you in this spiritual and adventurous journey that you can experience through Traveler yogi. We will help you in reconnecting with nature, get a closer look towards the local people, and experience their healthy, ancient lifestyle. We are here as we cherish to accompany you in your inner journey in meditation and yoga. 

Traveller Yogi will take you to the best journey of your life and give you an experience which you will remember throughout your life. We make sure that after taking Travelers yogi’s the spiritual trip you will not forget the things learned in the journey for the rest of your life.
Learn healthy things from the locals and yoga teachers and implement them in your lifestyle.