The Mysterious subject, who is shiva? a man or god or myth!

The Mysterious subject, who is shiva? a man or god or myth!


Who is Shiva?

It’s always been one of the most mysterious subjects, Who is Shiva? A being or a myth or none other than but the almighty himself! But this question was never too complicated to be understood because this was the man who made this subject quite complex since the human races restricted their understandings themselves within the narrow consideration of materialistic thought- bondage.

The times passed, the great civilizations collapsed, the knowledge went on imparting one generation to another, and eventually, we received tampered knowledge about the existence of SHIVA. Some folks of us fashioned SHIVA a man, who is purely made of flesh and blood like rest of beings (Where such riotous imaginations come to their brains from?) and some of us elaborated him as a Supreme God (Mahadeva) and rest assumed him a myth.

Each and everything on this planet has a logical concept of its existence, isn’t it? In the absence of  logical facts, no one can claim either SHIVA is a man or a god or a myth. Well! Sticking with the question herein we’re going to have a looks on the facts as per the Scriptures of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). We know that ancient Hindu Scriptures have been brought in questions many times by so-called modern science but  it couldn’t prove wrong even a single word mentioned in Ancient Hindu scriptures.

Let’s rationalize the three aspects one by one; Shiva the God, the man, the myth?


Shiva is referred  to as KALA (darkness or dark) in Puranas let alone any physical dimention or thing. Darkness is the highest and only the everlasting possibility and the Universe is the supreme darkness itself. If you think that darkness can be destroyed by light then you’ve certainly mistaken because light doesn’t destroy darkness, while it is darkness which holds light, once the source of light is gone, light gets off, but the darkness remains same in its state, darkness doesn’t need any source to manage its existence possible whereas everything requires something to make possible its existence in this cosmos, like water is formed of two gasses; oxygen and hydrogen and both gasses are formed of molecules.

The same molecules are formed of electrons and protons which are the subcategories of energy: positive and negative, eventually, energy also needs some source what comes from the darkness which we call ellipsoid, an absolute manifested three- dimensional darkness.

SHIVA’s always been called MAHAKALA the supreme darkness and the universe is only the darkness. Darkness is self-created and it creates everything hence SHIVA is called almighty as he is referred to as KALA or MAHAKALA in Puranas!

Shiva is often called Rudra which stands for the inception of happening things of energy. Shiva remains neutral but when he manifests for the first time to make things happen, such as planets, star, satellite, etc. In modern science, we call it black hole. It’s mentioned it Shiva Purana when modern science word hadn’t come in existence thousands of years ago. In Shiva Purana, it’s been clearly stated that everything comes from him or manifests from him and eventually goes back to him or merges into him. And now modern science is stating far beyond any doubt there is something called black hole which swallows everything or destroys everything. Shiva has been described logically in Shiva Purana but we kept on going avoiding the facts on account of our materialistic consciousness.

Is SHIVA man?

In “SHIVA PURANA” SHIVA is often called Yaksharupa (a Sanskrit word) which stands for an alien being, hang on here I’m not talking about some fictional Hollywood movie, an alien being in scriptures refers to as something or somebody who particularly doesn’t belong to this planet earth but the external incoming. The thousands of years ago SHIVA happed to take human form himself, It doesn’t mean that he was born from the womb of any woman or someone fathered him.

SHIVA  literally manifested into human form so that he could enlighten and nourish the world through arts, literature, civilization, and so on. SHIVA educated his disciples called Sapt Rishies (Seven Sages,) who had highly been enlightened by SHIVA so that his disciples can educate SHIVA’s teachings to human races like Yoga, Music, Dance, Literature, Martial arts, etc.

Because of not being a human, Shiva neither could impregnate any woman nor could he father any child. Shiva was not the biological father of lord Ganesha, Parvati vitalized a statue of clay by energizing it an alive child, While Kartikey was born when Shiva dropped his semen and then 5 Apsaras (who were not human as well) bore his semen in their wombs but none of them could hold his semen for the long time and dropped that into premature infants onto the ground, it was Parvati who accumulated premature infants and merged them into one child named Kartikey.

The possibility which cannot be reproduced or even can’t be imagined within the very limited consciousness of ours that could be myth and SHIVA is the only Almighty whom we cannot wholly identify yet can identify him with some or other thing.

The thing or being which is formed of nothing and has neither bodily dimension nor any certain physical boundary, we can’t elaborate that vast existence through our modern theory on physicality what we call quantum of physics since modern science thoroughly based on physical happenings, things, and parameters.

If it is necessary, The God of Gods the Shiva may have a form of human or some other creature or dimension. Everything manifests from him and eventually merges into Shiva after all.

Rest it depends on you, as per an ancient saying “Mano Toh Shakar! Na Mano Toh Kankar” means;  if you believe a piece of stone is SHIVA then it’s him if you don’t then the same piece of stone is just a stone.

Har Har Mahadev!

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